Welcome to Advanced Performance Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Our staff are happy to help you get back on your feet.

  • This is a great place…Everyone here is capable, knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging, and kind. I feel movement toward healing with Advanced Performance. I am better for this experience and will keep up the exercises I learned.

  • Best PT clinic on the central coast! Great staff that is totally focused on making you better. I could not have asked for a better clinic and experience!

  • “[Advanced Performance] helped me in a big way! Very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I’m very pleased with my visits here.”

  • “Everyone is very kind and helpful. My condition improved greatly with the knowledge and treatments received. Answered my questions in comforting manner. Highly recommend!”

  • “Caleb and his staff are full of knowledge and compassion. They answered all my questions and attended to all my concerns! I would recommend this office to anybody that has had any injury.”

  • “Staff is awesome! They are very professional and always help and guide with exercises. Caleb is the best!”

  • “Staff are very friendly and kind. I am very satisfied with overall experience and treatment at this place. I am definitely referring [Advanced Performance] to my friends!”

  • “From day 1, I received quality care from the staff. They were courteous and attentive. I appreciate all the help I received.”

  • “An awesome group of people. Here’s a first: I’m going to miss going to [physical therapy].”

  • “Everyone was extremely welcoming, helpful, and pleasant. I’m happy to be better but so sad to leave everyone. They learned my name within 2 visits and made me feel so comfortable.”

  • “I always heard [physical therapy] was painful, but here everyone always made sure I was doing everything at my own comfort level. Everyone was kind and offered tips on how to do some exercises at home. Definitely a great experience.”

  • “I felt like I mattered and was treated in a timely manner. I enjoyed the peace of my time there. The people there became my friends.”

  • “Super Treatment. I am me again”

  • “Caleb and his crew at Advanced Performance PT are the best!”

  • “Everyone has been a pleasure to work with – I would never consider going anywhere else but hopefully I can stay well and I won’t have to.”

  • “This is a terrific facility. Friendly staff and Caleb is very knowledgeable. Therapy was very successful.”

  • “Entire staff was very helpful and courteous. Made a painful situation as pleasant as possible.”

  • “Staff was very kind and considerate. The therapist was very competent and knew his stuff!”

  • “The entire staff is excellent! All are knowledgeable and friendly! I would definitely recommend Advanced Performance to everyone who needs PT.”

  • “Sochi, Caleb, Melissa, and Wendy were all great people who helped me walk better. The ladies that do scheduling were great also.”

  • “Wonderful staff, very knowledgeable, caring and professional – would definitely come back and will refer anyone.”


Our Staff


SenMo-COR-Laser Exercise

Pneu-weight Machine

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